Unboxing the Immunological Repertoire

Who are we?

CDR3 provides T cell repertoire solutions. 
We will sequence your samples and deliver repertoire-specific data science.

The Need

Our team has worked on many academic collaborations, and identified an urgent need for high-resolution TCR repertoire data analysis.
We will explore your data and use machine learning to identify if your T cell repertoire sequences contain an interesting, often hidden, signal.  

Our Solution

We perform a multi-layered, high-resolution analysis of the TCR repertoire that enables the discovery of new insights from the immunological repertoire.

Our Service

T cell Repertoire Sequencing: Over the past decade we produced hundreds of TCR-seq libraries from different tissue types: blood, solid tumors, spleen and more. Either from human source or from animal models.
Data Science: many of the challenges with the repertoires obtained from samples have been in the translation of data to meaning: data science. We are now in a position to help others to obtain more than the common features of the repertoire: diversity and V-D-J usage measurements. Instead, we identify dominant clones using spatial and longitudinal data, we use machine learning to translate biological mechanisms and clinical information to TCR unique features.
We focus on exposing TCR biomarkers of biomedical information.

Our Service

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Meet The Team

Prof. Sol Efroni

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Professor Sol Efroni is the Head of the Systems Biomedicine Lab at Bar Ilan University. He is an Expert in Computational Biology and Immunology.

Hagit Philip

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Hagit is an expert in Computational Biology and Immunology at the Systems Biomedicine Lab at Bar Ilan University.

Dr. Alona Zilberberg

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Dr. Alona is the Lab Manager of the Systems Biomedicine Lab at Bar Ilan University and Molecular Biology expert.

Ofer Michael, PhD, MBA

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20+ years of experience in technology leadership positions. SVP Oracle Cloud.
President and founder of Agility Sphere. Grew multiple business from 0  to $100s of millions

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